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Capt. Hill, "Here's the deal."

Charlotte, Mary, and I had a wonderful, wonderful time. The lodge, the meals, the boat, the fishing, it was an unforgetable experience.

We want to come back. Health permitting, we will be back. Thank you Brittny and Hill.

Capt. Hill, We had a GREAT time!  Thanks again for the education, fun and family atmosphere. Look forward to see y'all in Jan. Below is some of Rosanne's writings that she does on kids. Hope you and Britney can join us for lunch or dinner.
Best wishes and see you soon.

Hello Captain Hill,

Now that we are finally back home to Illinois, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful memory of our Alaska trip!
Rachel, Sarah and I really enjoyed going out fishing and catching some nice halibut.
Although I got seasick, I learned a valuable lesson, stay with what works! I normally use Dramamine and it works great other than getting sleepy.
This time with the “patch” behind the ear – it didn’t work at all!? Go figure!??

The family is already talking about wanting to go back next year! If so, I will definitely look you up again to go fishing.
I’ve already recommended you to several friends who say they want to go to Alaska next year.

Every time we have some of our fresh fish it will bring back some great memories.

Thanks again for everything on the planning stages all the way through the wonderful catch!

Hope you have a great season.


Bob, Rachel and Sarah
Elgin, IL.

Captain Hill

Fish With HillI just wanted to take a moment to thank you & Jane for
a GREAT trip last Friday. All of our clients had a great time, the boat was awesome, the fishing was great & the company was even better. Thank you very much.

Hello Hill,

Here are some photos from our June fishing trip. We have had multiple fish feasts since we returned to Chattanooga. We had an awsome visit in Alaska and fishing with you.
We plan to return and next time will allow more days for fishing.   I hope these come through. I may send via additional emails.

Thanks for a great time,

Mr. Morris

Capt. Hill,

I just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed my recent fishing trip with you on 14 July. That was an experience I'll always savor catching four species of fish and limiting on 3. The large ling cod was what I really was hoping for and you brought us to a place that made it happen!!

Thanks again and hope to come up next year about the same time. I may have my boss after he's seen the pictures.

Best to you,


Thanks again for a wonderful trip. Best saltwater trip I've had in Alaska (and I've made about 30.) Limits of silvers, ling cod, sea bass and halibut plus a yellow eye. Add to that the experience of watching those feeding humpbacks. I could not ask for more.

I was especially happy with the lings. I've been wanting to get one of those for years. 
I certainly hope to fish with you again. Maybe next year (if I have to wait that long.)

Thanks again---   
Thurman and Byron Horne 

Brittny and Hill,

Thank you for a great time at your lodge.  We are enjoying eating all the fish that we caught.  If possible, could you send us the recipe for the fish enchilada which was so delicious. 

Thanks again for a great vacation.  Happy fishing!

Alan and Pam

Hill and Brttny,
Just wanted to let you know, we had a great time fishing with you, even the second day David was not feeling well, turned out to have a upper respitory infection.  Our fish made it home fine, took on airplane with us. 

Again, thank-you for a very pleasant 2 day fishing experience.

Fish With Hill

Hill-Dog –

I hope all is going well in beautiful Alaska and the fish are biting like they did for us and the Thurman’s!  Julie and I had a blast!  The photos from our trip are in and the memories are life-long.  Thank you (& Brittany) for a great time!  We will be back and are sharing your name already with interested friends.

When you get a moment between your busy schedule (no rush) can you please gather some approximate measurements on my Red Snapper (Yellow Eye) that weighed approximately 24lbs - error on the larger size if in question.  Also, can you please send me a quality taxidermist’s information that you are comfortable with and maybe you can get Brittany’s King done at the same time and we could get a package price?

We are having friends over tomorrow night for some fish on the grill.  I have been dispersing the fish filets as gifts to family members, friends and clients and the reviews are “over-the-top!”  

If you get a chance, please e-mail your insurance declaration page on “One Day” and I will see what I can do, if anything.  I would be curious.

Thanks Hill-Dog and stay in touch!

All the best always,
 Matt and Julie

Fish With Hill

Hill and Brittny,

Matthew and I arrived home safely with all the fish still frozen.  We had a great time and hope to fish with you again.  Brittny...many thanks for printing our boarding passes; that saved us a lot of time.  

Attached are a few photos.

God bless,

Brandon and Matthew

Just wanted to say thanks for a great day of fishing on Friday! I was thrilled with the species that we caught and happy to fill my freezer. You guys were great! ------ Best, Julie

Hey Hill & Brittny

Fishing With HillWords are hard to describe the time we had but the picture tells it all  !!!!  Look forward to seeing you at the boat show .

Thanks !

Thanks Hill
It was great and your recommendation was as promised.  Feel free to recommend other clients to Rob and Lisa.  Looking forward to seeing you again next year.  Have a great off-season.

Best Regards,

Hi, Hill and family,

How goes it now that it is approaching winter eventually in the hinterlands?  We and our friends are enjoying and savoring our "catch" from your boat.  Have you gone up to some place north of you to preach?  We have a friend who is a pastor of a village missions church in Tensed, ID, and he went to Alaska for awhile to preach at a remote place.  Perhaps you are in sunny Texas instead.

We wondered if you had done your booklet for fishing 2010.  If so, is it possible to buy one?  Do you have any more TV spots coming up to watch?

We have a new granddaughter who is 5 weeks old now.  It is lovely to be the grandparents and let the younguns take care of her at night and walk the floors when we visit...........and not us. 

Greet your lovely girlies and wife for us.  We had an extraordinary wonderful time with you all.

Blessings,  -------Nate and Pris

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